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Party Hall Rental Information

Please note the following Covid-19 restrictions and limitations we must follow for everyone's safety:


- All hall guests must wear a face covering at all times when not eating or drinking unless you have been vaccinated for Covid-19 and can furnish proof upon request.

- Guests must use the bathroom located in the hall only, unless otherwise directed by manager.

- The event must end  promptly before 2am as we will be closed at 2am sharp. This means you must end your event & gather everything of yours to be out of the hall by 2am.

- There is no loitering in the bar or dining areas of the restaurant, and at all times possible a six foot minimum distance between others should be maintained in order to socially distance.

- All hosts and guests must adhere to the guidelines, failure to do so will result in the event termination with no refund given.

- No live bands are allowed at the moment.

- Anyone exhibiting covid-19 symptoms will not be permitted to enter.




(Maximum capacity is 80 people, no exceptions due to Covid-19 any more than 80 would be uncomfortable and not spacious enough  for guests, if the entire restaurant is rented maximum occupancy is 150 people)


- Confetti is never allowed in any circumstance.

- No gum is allowed.

- Clothing and shoes are mandatory.

- No guns or weapons of any kind licensed or unlicensed are permitted on the property.

- We do not permit guests to enter who are intoxicated, nor will we serve an intoxicated guest an alcoholic beverage. You must have an id present and must be 21 years or older to order an alcoholic beverage.

- No smoking, vaping, hookah, or drug use of any kind is permitted at any time.

- All COVID-19 rules must be followed at all times.

- No outside drink or alcoholic beverages are allowed inside or on the property without expressed written consent by Tiffany Paovella.

- No children are permitted in the bar area at any time except to enter the Party Hall.

- Children must be supervised at all times.

- Guests must stay out of all non-permitted areas at all times, the downstairs is off-limits.

- The parking lot is available for parking however, excess parking is available next door in the library parking lot.

- Music cannot be played extremely loud, please be considerate.

- No party decorations can be on the walls if they will damage the wall. Decorations/DJ equipment cannot be stored overnight, all decorations and items brought by the event host must be removed by the time the event is over. If you rent the hall out until 2am you must uinderstand that the party must be over and all guests must leave prior to 2am so we may commence cleanup and close at 2am.

- Party hall furniture does not come with linens or seat covers, however we do offer them at an additional charge.

- Only if you have us cater your event will all utensils, sternos, and serving plates be provided, otherwise there is an additional charge if you need any of the previously mentioned should we have some to provide you.

- Cleaning fee is mandatory, the fee is 12% of the total price of the rental agreement determined. Tables can have 8ppl max seated at them and we will provide a total of 10 dining tables max, and 1 decorative center table if you choose, 3 long food tables will be provided if needed, linens and table clothes not provided but can be rented.

- For a reservation to be booked a 30% deposit must be paid in cash, this deposit is non-refundable, the remainder of the balance is due 10 days before the event takes place you must pay in cash as well. If you pay after the 10 days in full there will be an additional $50 late fee that will be applicable.

- The room will be clean and ready for you to decorate if you so choose typically the night before or day of depending on whether there is another party booked the night before or not, we will let you know if this is the case and if and when it changes.

- You are liable for any damages done by you or your guests to the property.

- We open on the weekends at 12:30pm, and 2pm weekdays and we close everyday at 2am, no entry is permitted before we open you must schedule or coordinate between the hours of operation, you may decorate the hall if you wish on the day of the event not the night before because we rent out the hall on Fridays as well and need time to clean and prepare it before the next event.

- Please keep in mind there are no refunds for your deposit if your party for any reason is cancelled, we reserve that date with your deposit so no one else can book it and if you cancel we will have lost out on booking that date potentially so you will not be refunded, there are no exceptions.


Room Rental Fee: $150 per hour 


What is the date of your event?


What is the nature of your event?


Approximately how many people will be in attendance?


How long will the event be?


Do you need us to cater the event? If yes please describe how many full or half trays of food you would want and specify what kind so we may quote you.


Do you need us to provide linens, seat covers, or any other decorations for your event? 

(You can rent our linens for various fees: Tablecloths $200, seat covers $200, balloons$175, backdrop, $175, center table extra color tablecloth $100, rent buffet table linens (3) $90) Consult with us if you desire specific decorations, additional fees will apply.

Would you like us to provide an undecorated backdrop for your use ($100 fee)?


Which drink package would you like to select? (if you prefer your guests can pay for their own drinks at the bar, but no outside drinks are allowed, no alcohol, wine, champagne, not even water you must purchase all drinks through us)

(Options are unlimited up until 15 minutes before the event ends, cups/ice are included)


Option A soda & water $4 dollars per person (2-liters (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Gingerale), bottled water, and an ice bucket provided on a drink table)

Option B soda, water, & beer $12.50 per person- (beer is served in pitchers from a keg choices are Bud or Bud Light, )

Option C add champagne $2 dollars per person

Option D add wine $4 dollars per person

Option E add mixed drink $10 per person- (3 types of mixed drinks to be offered to guests at mini bar) ex. Tequila sunrise, sex on the beach, screwdriver, you can pick the 3 options

Option F add coffee $2 per person- (mini coffee bar setup-regular only)






Phone Number:








Quote Number:

Quote price: 

Deposit due:

Balance due by   /     /       :


Please contact Tiffany Paovella via text with your name and quote number at (845) 260-3732 to book your event. Ask about our 10% discount for early bookings.

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